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This is a special place!

Photo Shoot Rentals

Words cannot describe the atmosphere hidden inside the walls of the old opera house, but photos speak her majesty of days almost forgotten.

The Opera House has several rooms besides the main theatre area. There is a hallway which leads to a 1930’s home insurance company office. The etched glass windows which are on the wall and entrance door look remarkably pristine given their age of over 75 years. Among the rooms is the law office of J.L. Jones. Mister Jones had two rooms of the upstairs, a waiting area which also had his receptionist and his personal office.

Through his personal office window, seemingly by fate, the dome of the courthouse filled the large window. Even today, this makes for a majestic photograph. There are several other rooms, some with the plaster and wallpaper intact and some missing even the plaster itself, showing the lathe work which once held the plaster in place.

There is electricity available in every room. The use of extension cords is needed for some rooms.

Photographers are welcome to bring props, furniture and studio lighting. The following rates are valid for most situations, but we are flexible for large groups and special events. Just contact us and we can schedule your shoot and work out the details.

  • 1 Photographer, 1-2 Subjects $100 for 2 hours
  • 1-2 Photographer additional subjects $25 each
  • 2 Photographers, $100 for 2 hours
  • 3 or more, $50 per photographer for 2 hours

Contact: Doug Wong at

Video Shoot Rentals

There have been several video productions shot in Antoinette Hall Opera House in recent years.

Because of the nature of video production and type of equipment required, there is a longer time frame allowed and a larger minimum number of hours required for rental.

We realize that props and equipment and setting up the lighting and sound, can take considerable time. Therefore, you will only be counted as “using” the facility once the cameras are within the venue. The usage will also be considered over when the cameras are removed from the venue.

For half-day use of the venue, you will be allowed up to two hours before cameras are on site and two hours after cameras are off site, to remove all props and equipment. For full day use of the venue, you will be allowed three hours each to bring on site and setup and three hours to take down and remove the props and equipment.

  • Half-day use of venue (4 hours) starting at $500
  • Full day use of venue dusk to dawn starting at $1,000​

Contact Tammy Pierchoski at 931-363-7222 for rental arrangements.

And, yes, they brought a piano up the stairs for the music video.

Vintage Workshop Rentals

Looking for a location that reminiscent of days gone by?

The opera house and its accompanying rooms give decades of vintage looks. With the period fashions and props, the venue can match any decade from the 1860s through the 1950s.

This vintage theatre and adjacent rooms have hosted many photography workshops. From studio lighting and modeling to using advanced camera settings for long exposures to capture the bare essence of the theatre’s natural light, the venue can be tailored to suit most any photography or cinematography workshop.

With ample space in both square footage as well as in the extremely high ceilings (some over 30′), you can use any lighting setup imaginable. Bring your props, lighting rigs and cameras to provide a hand on experience for fellow photographers or cinematographers.

Contact: Doug Wong at

Here is an example of how a professional video turned out. Eric Paslay’s “She Don’t Love You” will leave you in awe. The video has had more than 13 million views since its debut in March of 2015.

Venue Rental (STAAR Theatre)

​Rental Prices for Private and Public Events

$1,000 and Up – Private Rental-weddings/private parties/corporate events utilizing backstage, front of house and concessions area

$800 and Up – Public Concerts or Band Performances (Depending on audience size) 

$100 and up-  Additional for Light/Sound System Operator

Tables (round, rectangle) and chairs available for you to set up/break down or we can provide this service for a fee

There will be a refundable $300 deposit for clean up. Please leave the facility as clean as you find it to insure return of deposit.

$100 surface sanitizing fee (non-refundable) 

Ask about rental of smaller spaces for meetings and smaller gatherings

We will also discuss the option of a door split if tickets are sold (sharing marketing costs)  with STAAR operating concessions for select events and  merchandise sales going to the renter.

You may bring in your own sound equipment, musicians or DJ. Hookups will be available.

 Smoking is not permitted in the building. Lit candles must be enclosed in glass globes.

Alcohol may be served/NOT SOLD over 21. You must notify us if you are serving.

You must ask before taping/hanging decorations on walls. We provide hooks for walls.

Trash cans/bags are provided. Please put all trash in poly carts at south end of block.

You will be asked to sign a Liability Waiver for insurance purposes.

The tech booth will only be operated by STAAR personnel or authorized persons.

You will be asked to provide security as needed for your event.

If you will require the use of the stage or back stage areas- please speak with us.

You may bring in food if you would like, but please take it all with you when you go.

We do not have a kitchen.  We do not provide table cloths.

Restrooms backstage and for audience will be clean and stocked.

Thank you so much for inquiring about the use of STAAR for your event venue!

Tammy Pierchoski, Executive Director, STAAR

931.363.8804 (c) 931.478.0211

Box Office:  Pierchoski Estate Law  931.363.7222